Registration Policy:

In order to receive items at TSB Shipping you are required to register at TSBShipping.com/Register. This registration is lifelong. You do not need to register for each delivery. You will be assigned an ID number as a result of this registration on the next business day. This ID number belongs to you and you only. Do not share this number. All customers need to register for their own accounts, even if you are from the same household. We are unable to attach multiple names to the same account.

Pickup Policy:

When items arrive they are assigned a size. We calculate pricing based off of this size. This size is subject to change, but typically does not. Our pricing for normal items is a cost based off of the size for the first two weeks. Followed by a storage fee for each week thereafter. For more details see our storage and disposal policies.
In order to pick up items for yourself, so long as they were properly addressed and you are registered, all you will need to do is present a copy of your photo ID. If this not the case, then you will need the tracking number for the items.
When items arrive we will attempt to send you a confirmation email. This is a courtesy service and is not used in the calculation of storage. (See storage policy)
While each account is independent, you may pick up for other people as long as you have the last 4 digits of the tracking number for the items. Others may do the same for you if they have the numbers for your items. In either case the person who is picking up will need a copy of their ID.

Improperly Addressed Parcels:

The proper way to address a parcel to ship to TSB is following:

<Your Name>

1574 Gulf Rd <Your ID Number>

Point Roberts, WA


Where <Your name> is your name as it appears on your registration, and where <Your ID number> is the customer ID number that we assigned you. Any parcels that are not labeled in this manner are improperly addressed for the purpose of our policies. Common mistakes include items that are only sent to TSB Shipping, with no customer name, these are no names. Next failing to put an ID number on the parcel or shipping to a company name can result in mystery items. Finally ordering without registering can result in items that are deemed Not Registered (NR).

Mystery Item Policy:

Any item shipped here without your ID number or with your number, but with a name that is not a customer, can result in a mystery item. In order to pick this item up you will need the tracking number for this item. We may not be able to contact you about this item. We only keep items that are a mystery for one month before opening them to try to get more information about the parcel. After one month we begin disposal proceedings. (see disposal policy)

No Name Policy:

Any item shipped without a customer name and ID number will be treated as a no name item. No name items are held for up to 72 hours. If we believe we will not be able to find the owner of this item, we return the item sender. We may or may not take additional steps to find the owner of this item, including but not limited to, contacting the sender to identify the recipient of this item, or calling phone numbers on the label. To pick up a no name item you would need the tracking number for the item.

Not Registered Policy:

Any item shipped to a name that is not registered with us will be treated as a not registered customer. This includes items that are using an ID number that does not correspond to their name. Due to the customer in this situation not being registered we are not able to contact them directly. We may or may not make be able to make contact with the customer via other methods. Storage is not impacted by our ability to contact you about this item. To pick up this item you will need the tracking number for the item.

Storage policy:

Any item that remains at TSB shipping longer than two weeks will begin to accrue storage (Exception: Pallets, see pallet policy). This storage is calculated in the following way. When an item arrives it is assigned a size, this size is connected to an associated depot fee to pick up the item. When the item is picked up after two weeks there is a storage fee assessed for each week over the initial two week period. This storage fee is equal to the depot fee.
A SS item has a depot fee of $4. If it was picked up after three weeks it would cost $4 for the first two weeks, and another $4 for the 3rd week it was here. For a total of $8.

We will attempt to contact you about storage at the two week mark. These policies are independent of our ability to contact you. Meaning that regardless of if we contact you, these items have the same storage rates.</div<

Disposal Policy:

Any item that is here longer than 2 months goes through disposal proceedings. (Exception: Mystery Items, see mystery item policy) After the item has been here for two weeks we will attempt to make first contact regarding storage and disposal. We alert you that the item will be disposed if it is here longer than two months. Two weeks prior to the two month mark we will make another attempt to contact you, alerting you that if the item is here longer than two months it will be disposed of. At the two month mark the item is disposed of without notifying you any further. If this happens the person who ordered the item is given a $50 disposal fine and the item is donated to charity. This $50 fine must be paid before any other items will be released to you.
In rare occasions we may be able to recover a disposal item. This is exclusively a possibility if the item was disposed of in the last two weeks. Any later than that and we will absolutely be unable to recover it. Even if the item was disposed of in the last two weeks we may not be able to recover the item. If the item is recovered you will be required to pay for the associated depot and storage fees.

Pallet Policy:

Any item that arrives on a pallet will be treated as a pallet for the purpose of pricing. Any item that is on a larger than standard sized pallet or any pallet item that exceeds 500 pounds will be treated as a double pallet. Any item that exceeds 800 pounds may be refused at our digression.

When a pallet arrives we will call the phone number that we have on file for you. If we do not reach you we will leave a voicemail. If the pallet is picked up by the end of the next business day we will give you a 50% discount on the pallet. Meaning for a normal pallet we will charge $70 and for a double pallet we will charge $140. After that window the price will increase to the normal rates of $140 and $280 respectively.
The pallet will increase by the normal pallet rate every week until it is picked up. This is an exception to the normal storage policies.

A single pallet that has been here 1 day will cost $70.
A single pallet that has been here for 2 days will cost $140.
A single pallet that has been here for 8 days will cost $280.

Payment Policy:

When you pick up an item you are required to pay for it. We accept US, Canadian, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. In rare cases we may be able to take Interac cards, depending on how your card works, however this is not something we can guarantee. In all cases where a card is used (defined as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Interac, or any other payment method that is originally a card shaped item with magnetic stripe, tap, and/or a chip) and the total of a pickup is less than $10, a $2 credit fee will be assessed. This credit fee will never raise the price above $10 and will be reduced to limit the price to $10. All cards are run as USD. Change is given in the currency you paid it. We do not provide cash back, nor do we provide currency exchange.