Registration Guidelines:

  • REGISTER ONLY ONCE – you do not need to register for each delivery.
    • You will be assigned a Customer ID Number in an email on the next business day with instructions.
  • EACH PERSON needs to register for their OWN ACCOUNT
    • Your account is NOT transferable.
    • Please ensure that each parcel contains only ONE PERSON’S name and ID number per label.
  • By registering, you are agreeing to comply with ALL of our policies – please read through the rates, policies, and FAQs, before shipping to TSB.
TSB Registration
  • Please download and bring in the completed form the next time you pick up a package. Here is an example of a completed form.

*All information is collected on a secure server and is protected by security measures that are appropriate to the nature of the information collected using SiteLock. SiteLock provides web database protection from intruders, regularly scans for malware detection and has approved our site as SiteLock compliant. TSB does not share personal information with any third parties.