Why TSB?

  TSB Shipping Competition
20+ Years Experience YES! No!
Service Window Hours 10 hours/weekday 8-10 hours/weekday
Credit Card Fee No Yes
Parcel Receiving Yes Yes
USPS Flat Mail Receiving Yes, with PMB* account Most - NO
UPS Shipping YES! Some
FedEx Shipping YES! Some
USPS Shipping YES! Some
Package Arrival Notice YES! Some by arrangement only
FREE Cardboard Recycle YES! No
Freight Receiving Yes! * Some
Fax YES! No
Photo Copies YES! No

In addition, we provide quality personal service from years of experience.  We are here to help YOU with all your shipping and receiving needs (10 hours on weekdays and 8 hours on Saturdays).  We have tons of expertise problem solving when odd situations arise between carriers and senders and we are here to offer our help and advise.

We also provide complimentary use of box cutters, packing tape, printing in our lobby, organic lollipops, and yearly calendars.

*USPS Flat Mail Receiving: If you would like to receive flat mail from USPS you may set a mailbox up with us in person with 2 forms of Identification.  See our rates page for more information: http://tsbshipping.com/rates

*Freight Receiving: We can receive up to 150 lbs for you from a freight truck.  We currently cannot take Pallets or anything larger than 150 lbs.  Please email us if you have any questions or concerns: info@tsbshipping.com