Frequently Asked Questions About TSB Shipping



What services do you offer?

We provide shipping, parcel receiving, mailbox rentals, copies and fax services.

Who are your shipping carriers?

We are shipping agents for the United States Postal Service, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and UPS.

Do you have a computer and printer I can use?

Yes, if you need to look up your tracking number or print out a return label we have internet and a printer available for customers to use.

What are your mailbox sizes?

A regular mail box is 3½ x 5½ inches and the a large mail box is 5½ x 5½ inches.

Can I ship flat mail, letters and envelopes to TSB?

The rental of a physical mailbox (PMB) at our facility is required for receiving and/or forwarding flat mail (letters and the like).

Will you accept parcels arriving with collect on delivery(COD)?

Yes. Parcels arriving COD must have payment on deposit prior to package arrival. Couriers do not accept cash and will only accept checks (U.S. funds) or U.S. postal money orders. The depot fee per incoming parcel is $6.50. Couriers will attempt delivery 3 times before returning the package.

Will you forward my parcels to me in Canada?

Unfortunately, NO. We cannot forward parcels. If you cannot pick up your parcels, you’re more than welcome to send someone else to pick up for you with your
tracking number(s).

Are you able to forward the mail in my mailbox?

If you have a physical mailbox (PMB) at our facility, yes we would be happy to forward your mail. Forwarding the contents of your mailbox includes a $6.00 handling fee (by U.S. mail) or $8.00 (by courier) plus postage.

If I call ahead of my packages arriving can you put it aside for me?

Unfortunately, NO. The parcel volume is too high to accommodate such requests. Please wait for your email notification (which means your parcel has been processed and is in our system) before coming to pick up.

If I have more than one package waiting for me do I have to pick up all of them?

No, you do not have to pick up all of your packages except for the months of November and December. During the Christmas season, customers must pick up ALL parcels under their name, due to the staff time it takes to sort through tracking numbers.

Can I refuse a parcel? Will I still be charged
for it?

If you wish to have a parcel refused, please wait until you receive our email notification and then reply requesting a refusal with return to sender. If your parcel is refused the same day as the notification is received, no depot fee will be assessed. If you request refusal after that date, the item will be refused but you will be charged the standard depot fee.** Please note that there are normally no problems with returns via UPS or USPS (other than bulk mailing or Smartpost) but Fedex is more rigid about refusal time frames. They will not accept returns after three days from the original receiving date.

Are you able to receive or ship alcohol?

We are not able to ship alcohol from our building in accordance with Washington state laws and alcohol handling requirements. In the state of Washington a special shipping license is required and only alcohol vendors are able to ship alcohol. Our advice would be to purchase the alcohol directly from the manufacturer and have them ship it wherever you need it to go.

We are, however, able to receive alcohol, but there are specific shipping requirements for it to go across the Blaine border to get to us. The shipper must include a specific ASR (Adult Signature Required) shipping label as well as a special instruction sticker on the side indicating what the box contains. You will also want to keep in mind the couriers such as FedEx and UPS cannot bring hard or exotic alcohol through the international border. All parcels that do not meet the specific shipping requirements will be refused in mainland Washington courier headquarters. As long as the courier is able to deliver your alcohol to us, we are more than happy to receive it for you.

Do you take returns?

Yes we do. If you received a pre-paid shipping label from the company you may drop it off with us. Just make sure the old shipping label isn’t showing and you may drop it off with us.

If the shipping has been arranged by the sender, you may leave the parcel with us for a week at no charge. After a week if the parcel is still sitting here we will charge holding fees that are equivalent to the normal pickup rate for your parcel. For example a Small parcel equaling a $5.00 pickup will be $5.00 a week after the first week.

If the item is a large freight item, such as a pallet (skid), we will charge the depot rate per week.

What’s the largest sized parcel you are able to receive? Can you receive pallets?

Yes. We are equipped with a pallet jack which allows us to accept most freight items.  We can comfortably accommodate a maximum weight of 800 pounds.


What if my parcel is at TSB for longer than
two weeks?

Parcels remaining after two weeks will be charged an extra depot fee per week. For example, a $4.00 parcel will be an extra $4.00/ week.

Pallets remaining after 24 hours will be charged an extra depot rate, and an extra depot rate/week. For example, a $70 pallet will be charged another $70 after 24 hours, then $140 per week thereafter.

What if my parcel is at TSB for more than
two months?

We do contact registered customers at least three times by email or phone since initially receiving the parcel and we will hold it for a total of 2 months. (Note: We do ask you track your parcels as we are not responsible for lost or missing email notices.)
After two months, the goods in question will either be sent back or become the property of TSB and will be disposed of or donated at TSB’s discretion. If the courier accepts the parcel for return it is sent back, regardless of the sender’s return policy. TSB is not liable for what happens after the parcel leaves our facility and it is not our responsibility to investigate an individual company’s return policy. Storage fees owed will be added as a fine on your account should the item be returned. If not accepted by courier, the parcel will be disposed of or donated to charity and a $50 fine will be assessed. Parcels that arrive with incomplete or duplicate names will be donated or disposed at TSB’s discretion after being stored here for one month. If you are unable to pick up in a timely manner due to extenuating circumstances, please DO NOT CALL. Instead, email to make other arrangements. Storage charges will not be waived if you did not receive your email notification.


What are your hours?

We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

What holidays are you closed?

Our holiday closures for 2020 are as follows:

JAN 1: New Year’s Holiday

MAY 25: Memorial Day (U.S.)

JULY 4: Independence Day (U.S.)

SEPT 7: Labor Day

NOV 26: Thanksgiving (U.S.)

DEC 25: Christmas

DEC 26: Boxing Day

JAN 1 2021: New Year’s

Special Holiday Hours:
Dec 24 (Tuesday) 8 AM – 4 PM
Dec 31 (Tuesday) 8 AM – 4 PM

Where are you located?

Our address is 1574 Gulf Road in Point Roberts. From Vancouver drive south on Hwy 99. Merge onto Hwy 17 via Exit 28 toward the ferries. Turn left on 56th St into Tsawwassen. After crossing the border you will be on Tyee Dr. After arriving at the second stop sign, you will turn right. TSB is the second building on the right, next to the United States Post Office. Our building is bright blue and burgundy, you can’t miss us!

How can I check the border wait time?

We suggest checking the wait time at EZ Border Crossing. You can also find additional information about crossing the US Border at Point Roberts Boundary Bay here.

How can I find out what items are restricted at the Canadian border?

Visit the Canadian Border Services page.

What duties and taxes will I need to pay at
the border?

Not everyone is charged duties and taxes; however, the best thing to do is declare all your items and have your invoices ready. If you are concerned about duties and taxes, use the Duties and Taxes Estimator.


How can I pay when I come to pick up?

All prices are listed in USD. We accept both US and Canadian cash. Please be aware that the Canadian exchange rate is subject to change. We also accept American Express, Mastercard, Visa and checks drawn on U.S. accounts. Most debit cards are accepted.

Do you charge per parcel, or do you have some sort of bulk discounting available?

We charge per parcel – even if you’re ordering from the same company.

How much will it cost to ship a parcel from
your location?

Please email for a shipping estimate based on your package’s weight (in pounds), dimensions (in inches), and zip code and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

How much is it to fax and make copies?

It is a $1.00 per page for incoming faxes. Outgoing faxes are $1.00 per page, plus $0.75 if it is long distance. Photocopies are $0.15 per copy.

How much is a mailbox?

A regular mailbox is $41 for six months or $82 for twelve months. Large mailboxes are $67 for six months and $134 twelve months.There is a one time, non-refundable fee of $30.00 for mailboxes. Minimum rental is 6 months. Mail must be picked up at least once a month. Saturday mail will be included in Monday’s deliveries. TSB will provide one box key at no charge. Additional keys are $5.00 each, non-refundable with a maximum of 3 keys. If you would like a front door key with 24-hour access there is a $15 deposit that can be refunded when the key is returned.

How do I use my Canadian credit card to make US purchases when my shipping and billing addresses don’t match?

There are a few solutions. Most online payment systems ask if the billing and shipping address are different, which will allow you to enter two separate addresses. If this does not work, you can have your bank that issued your credit card add a secondary address to your file. Lastly, you can rent a mailbox at TSB and use our address as both your shipping and billing addresses for your US credit card.

What if my item arrives with postage owing on it? Will you cover it?

USPS will provide us with a notice slip when postage is due. We will then email you 3 choices for how to handle this.

  1. WE CAN OVER THE POSTAGE AND PICK THE PARCEL UP FOR YOU. When you pick up, you will pay us the postage due, the depot fee, and a $5.00 service charge.
  2. WE CAN LOG THE POSTAGE DUE AS YOUR PACKAGE. You would retrieve this notice from us, pay a $4 depot fee, and pick up your parcel at the Post Office yourself.
  3. WE CAN ADVISE THE POST OFFICE TO REFUSE THE PARCEL it will then be returned to the sender.

UPS and Fedex handles postage due (for customs/duties) one of two ways.  Either way, we will contact you to let you know.

  1. The courier will require payment to be ready before they will deliver the parcel. The driver does not carry cash and will only take a U.S. check or a U.S. Postal Service money order. You will need to get the check or money order to us before the delivery can take place. The driver will attempt delivery 3 times before returning it to the sender.
  2. The courier will deliver the parcel and bill TSB later on. We will then contact you for reimbursement.
Is there a minimum for adding funds to my account on file?

Yes, the minimum amount is $40.


How do I sign up for your receiving service?

Registering is easy! After reading through our policies, complete your one time registration for a free account and ID number. Register Now

Do I need to include any additional information when shipping an item to your address?

Please ship under the name you registered with and include your ID number in the address line. Please note if a parcel arrives without a name or an incomplete name you will not receive notice. There may be additional charges if extra research is required. Do not address your parcels to our company name as often times the customer information is dropped off the label. To avoid this, please make sure that your parcels are addressed as follows : Your Name
1574 Gulf Road # [insert your assigned ID number]
Point Roberts, WA 98281

I don't have a middle name. Can I still use
your service?

Absolutely! Just put a dash ( – ) in the middle initial spot, and we’ll know what to do!

Can other people use my Customer ID number?

No. EACH PERSON needs to register for their OWN ACCOUNT, even if they are from the same household. While you may have others pick up for you using your tracking number, accounts are NOT transferable. Please ensure that each parcel contains only ONE PERSON’S name and ID number per label

Do I need to register each parcel?

No. Please register only ONE TIME. You do not need to register for each delivery. Your registration will generate a customer ID number which you will need to use on all shipments. You will receive an email with your ID number within one business day. Please do not order until you have received this number. Registering multiple times will result in multiple numbers being assigned.

I am already registered at TSB but I need to fill out the FORM 1583. Where can I find it and what is it?

You can find it right here! The United States Postal System REQUIRES that each person receiving mail at TSB Shipping fill out 1583 FORM. Please download and bring the completed form to us the next time you pick up a package. Not sure what information you need to fill out on FORM 1583? Check out our sample.

I registered a long time ago and haven't used your service in a while. Do I need to re-register?

No. Do NOT re-register as it could possibly create a duplicate record in our system which can cause confusion when we are logging in parcels. Instead, please email us at and we will be happy to confirm your contact information for you.

I need to update my name or contact information. Do I need to register for a new account?

No. You can send us an email at or let us know when you’re in to pick up next.

Is it okay if the website I am ordering from adds 4 digits after the zip code “98281”?

Yes, that code will work too. That four digit number is an internal number used by the US Postal Service and helps them with their sorting process. It does not change our ability to receive it.

What happens if I forget to use my Customer ID number?

We will accept your package but it will take us longer to process your parcel. If there are other customers with the same or similar names you will not receive an email notifying that your package has arrived. In which case, you will need to contact us to identify yourself, provide your tracking number and/or identify the origin of your shipment. Please note there may be additional charges if additional research is needed to identify the owner of the parcel.

Which phone number should I use when placing my order?

Do not use our phone number, unless you are ordering a freight shipment. Your phone number should be used, if the company fulfilling your order needs to contact you our number isn’t going to help them.

My order is coming in with DHL. Should I be concerned?

DHL shipments are more complicated than orders that come in with the standard three since DHL no longer delivers in the Continental United States. Items that are shipped DHL are received (usually in Seattle) and repackaged by USPS. A new tracking number is put on the parcel and it continues on its merry way to us, usually a couple of days later.

If I want to receive freight (over 150 pounds) at TSB do I need to do anything differently?

Yes. The process for delivering and receiving freight items (over 150 pounds) is more complicated than with other couriers. Most freight companies are not cleared to come through two borders. Point Roberts Auto Freight (PRAF) in Bellingham, WA is an authorized third-party freight company specifically in business to service the town of Point Roberts. In order to streamline the delivery process, please use the following format when ordering freight items:Your Name

TSB Shipping c/o Point Roberts Auto Freight Bellingham

1574 Gulf Road

Point Roberts, WA 98281

(360) 676-1174 – (PRAF’s phone number)

Carrier Scac Code: POIT

*Please be advised that freight items will show as signed and delivered by this third-party before they actually reach TSB. Please wait until you receive notification from TSB by phone and/or email before coming to pick up.


Will you let me know when a parcel arrives and is ready to be picked up?

Yes! When a parcel has been entered into our system an email is automatically generated to the email associated with your account.

What should I do if I haven't received an email?

We ask that you always track your package at for the most updated information. If tracking shows as “delivered” and you haven’t heard from us by the following day, please contact us. Email notifications are sent as a courtesy to you. TSB is not responsible for making sure your email notification has reached you, and we will therefore not waive pick-up or storage fees if you have not
received notification.

What time do the deliveries arrive each day?

Delivery times and amounts vary every day, which affects the time it takes to process them. The following list outlines the average delivery time Monday through Friday:

USPS delivers around 10AM

FedEx Ground delivers around 11AM

FedEx Express delivers after 12PM

UPS delivers around 12PM

On Saturday, USPS delivers at about 10AM. If you need to pick up your parcel the same day it arrives, we suggest you wait until you receive your notification email from TSB first.

Are you able to sign for my parcel?

We sign for all FedEx, FedEx Ground, and UPS parcels! If a signature is required for a USPS parcels, we do that too! Please be advised that a majority of USPS parcel do not require a signature.


What do I need to bring to pick up my parcels?

Photo ID is required for all pick ups. While our initial search is by name, please be prepared with a tracking number to aid in our secondary
search capabilities.

Can someone pick my parcel up for me?

Yes, provided they bring a tracking number (from FedEx, UPS or USPS, not the order number) or the TSB notification email that identifies each parcel they wish to pick up. We suggest you forward them the TSB notification email. It contains all the information we need.

How long will you keep my items?

We hold almost everything for two months total, but we do start charging extra storage fees after two weeks. Items that are received without enough identifying information on them for us to notify you will only be held for a total of 30 days.

What happens if I can't take a parcel once I've signed and paid for it?

We can restock it for an additional fee, which is the pick-up rate of the parcel. You have two weeks from the time we restock the parcel to pick it up before storage
charges apply.

What do I do if my package is damaged?

We DO NOT accept responsibility for exterior or hidden damage sustained to parcels during transit to TSB. If boxes arrive with damage on the exterior of the box, we make a special notation in the notification email you receive. TSB will open and inspect parcels for interior damage if requested by the customer before the item is delivered, and a $5.00 charge will be assessed.

What happens if my package goes missing?

We sign for all UPS, FedEx and freight shipments and take responsibility for reimbursement in case of loss. Please be advised that TSB only signs for USPS parcels that require a signature, eg., certified mail. If not signed for, we DO NOT take responsibility for reimbursement in the case of lost or mis-delivered parcels.

Can you dispose of my packing materials?

Yes we can! We take your cardboard for free as long as you flatten your cardboard and dispose of packaging in the appropriate marked receptacles. Failure to comply with the posted signs or to staff instruction may result in fines. Fines will also be assessed for customers who discard (litter) elsewhere in Point Roberts. Due to a change with our local disposal company there may be additional charges for big pieces OR large amounts of Styrofoam.