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Receiving Services: Attention online shoppers – use our U.S. address to save time and money!

1574 Gulf Road #(your ID number)

Point Roberts, WA 98281

No international shipping delays or international shipping charges will apply for shipments coming into Point Roberts. Our automated system will email you when parcels are received, and we will keep them in our clean, fully-secured building awaiting your pick-up. The rental of a mailbox at our facility is required for receiving and/or forwarding flat mail (letters and the like), but we’re happy to receive your parcels! Simply click below to register.


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Shipping Services: We can pack your parcels or provide packaging materials, provide you with a variety of shipping service options and a detailed receipt with all your shipping reference information. Please email anytime for a shipping estimate based on your package’s weight (in pounds), dimensions (in inches), and zip code. TSB Shipping Plus is an authorized agent for:

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